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Celebrating Valentine's Day Share the Love

Independence Place Blog, Cranston, RI  Make Valentine's Day special for yourself or anyone else you're celebrating with by trying these date night or party ideas.
February is known the world over as the month to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you are spending it with a date, a partner, a friend or group of friends, or by yourself, make the night special. We have some ideas for celebrating, no matter who you are with, so head out into Cranston, RI or stay at your Independence Place apartment to celebrate this month. We’ve got ideas!


For Singles

There’s no reason people who may be spending the holiday alone can’t enjoy it or try to make a fun night of it! Celebrate love by making, buying, or putting together a gift or card for a loved one. Do an act of service for others to spread the love. This may mean getting out of your shell and offering up your help to someone you think is in need, or it could mean donating to a cause, charity, or organization you appreciate.


Be sure to be good to yourself. You deserve some appreciation, too! Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day by indulging in a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant (make your reservation today!) or make a delicious meal at your apartment.


For Friends

Get together some friends for a Valentine’s Day party, a Galentine’s party, or even an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. Serve up dinner, an assortment of snacks, or make it a potluck and have everyone contribute a dish to enjoy. Put on your favorite romantic movie (or another movie if you want to mix it up!) or play some board games to keep everyone engaged. If you’re doing an Anti-Valentine’s Day party, check out these 24 Ideas for Throwing the Perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day Party from BuzzFeed.


For Significant Others

This is where the planning for the 14th can get tricky, especially if it’s the first Valentine’s Day you’re spending with a significant other, or if you’ve had so many together you’re out of ideas for how to make it special. Turning to the internet is an excellent way to garner tons of suggestions. We love Beauty through Imperfection’s 50 Romantic Date Night Ideas, especially the ones to write your love story together in a notebook, to volunteer at a local soup kitchen for the evening, to have a fondue night at home, or to hunt for local tourist spots around the city. Of course, the classic dinner and a movie date is always fun.


Let us know how you will be celebrating this year! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in our apartment community! Thanks for reading today’s post.