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Holiday Treats

Independence Place Blog, Cranston, RI  Celebrate the holidays by making these sweet treats to share with your apartment neighbors  or keep to yourself!

The winter holidays make this season one of the best times of the year in our opinion: you get to spend time with loved ones, give and receive gifts, take a day or so off of work or school, and enjoy all the treats that you and your neighbors are making and giving away. This week the Independence Place Blog is dedicating itself to helping you make the most of that last option: making treats. We have five holiday recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings all month long, in or outside of your apartment in Cranston, RI. Let’s start with a couple of drinks.


Holiday Drinks



The very name evokes homey thoughts, and this concoction of citrus and spices heated through until the spices permeate the whole batch is a time-honored holiday drink, and the name, Grandma’s Wassail indicates it is time tested too.


Winter Slush brings us a 5 star slush recipe, Luscious Slush Punch. It can be adapted to fit your personal tastes (less sugar, different gelatin flavors) and it’s super easy to make. Because it’s frozen, it does have to be made ahead of time; but it’s perfect for a holiday party.




Peppermint Bark

Peppermint is one of the most classic flavors that can grace our homes during this season, but candy canes, while delightful and delicious, don’t always satisfy a craving for a more substantial treat. So incorporate some crushed peppermint candy canes onto some melted (and then cooled) layers of white and semi-sweet chocolate, let them set, and eat to your heart’s content!

Cranberry Christmas Cake

If you like cranberries, buttery cake, and a cake recipe that doesn’t call for icing, this is a must-try recipe. “This might be the only cake I’ve ever tasted that basically screams holidays to me,” the blogger of this recipe says. Make this for Christmas or any other holiday this season (or even into next year; we won’t judge). You can even make it gluten-free!


Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

If you’re not the biggest fan of gingerbread cookies, try these gingerbread cupcakes! The author of the recipe says they come out of the oven fluffy and moist, and the sweet cream cheese frosting perfectly complements the festive ginger and nutmeg flavoring of the cupcake.


We hope you enjoy some of these treats this December! Thanks for reading the Independence Place Blog! Happy holidays to everyone in our apartment community here in Cranston, Rhode Island.