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It's 3.14 Day Have a Slice of Pie

Independence Place Blog, Cranston, RI  Pi Day never looked so good! Try one of these delicious recipes on March 14th to celebrate. Mmmm pie!

“To infinity and beyond!” may be the catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear, but it is could also be claimed as the slogan for Pi Day. The number π is the mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, approximately equal to 3.14159, which goes on to infinity and beyond. We take the first three digits, 3.14, and read them as a date: Pi Day, March 14th. We’ve gathered up a selection of pie recipes we think our apartment community at Independence Place may want to try.  


Coconut Cream Pie with a recipe from the Pillsbury kitchen is a must have for Pi Day. With a toasted coconut topping, this pie speaks creamy and crunchy. Mmm tasty!


Triple berry pie is a favorite for many. The blogger of this recipe says this pie is perfect for any time you crave a fruity pie, whether it’s a holiday dedicated to pie or not! It has less sugar than most berry pies, she says, so it’s not overly sweet. If you love the sweet, tart taste of berries in a flaky, buttery crust, you’re in for a treat once you make this pie! To be extra fancy, make a lattice top following the directions from this tutorial: How to Make a Lattice Top for a Pie Crust.


Grandma’s Lemon Meringue Pie. What’s not to like? This blend of sweet and tart is a great way to enjoy pie. And bonus: there is no milk in the recipe, so it can be served to people who are lactose intolerant.


We also found a recipe for what is traditionally a cake — in pie form! Coconut Pecan German Chocolate Pie transfers the goodness of German chocolate cake into pie form. And it looks amazing. Try it out for 3.14 Day.


If making pie isn’t your favorite thing, we suggest stopping by your favorite Cranston, RI bakery or grocery store and picking one up, or even just head out to your favorite restaurant that serves pie. Share your favorite places to get pie in the comments so we all know where to go! Thanks for reading today’s post.