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Welcome to Spring Cleaning

Independence Place Blog, Cranston, RI  March is here and that means springtime is just around the corner, and today we've got tips for spring cleaning.

Spring is here and the longer, warmer days means we quit hibernating in our Independence Place apartments, right? And, if our hibernation is over, maybe it’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning before the very busy summer season is upon us. Today we have some tips for spring cleaning to help you get started.


Chunk It

Life is busy and it can be difficult to carve out several days or a whole weekend specifically for cleaning, so our advice is to break the cleaning projects into smaller chunks that can be finished in 15 - 20 minutes. Start small by doing a drawer, a closet, or single area of a room at a time.  


Clean Out the Closets

Clean out your kitchen cabinets over a weekend. Get rid of items that have expired or that you haven’t used. Wipe down the cupboards and put things back in based on how often you use them. Put things you use every day in the most convenient spots. Put heavy items in the lower cupboards and put lightweight items in the top cupboards. Clean out your linen closet and coat closets. Sort through your shelves and decide if there is anything you can get rid of. As you are returning items, decide if bins, baskets, or additional removable shelves will help you get it organized.


Clean Your Appliances

Make a checklist of all the appliances you own, and as you do your spring cleaning, go through the list and do one appliance everyday. Finish up on the weekend with a big push. All of the major kitchen appliances can probably use a good clean. If you’ve never cleaned a dishwasher before, this article details the process.


Keep at it until you’ve cleaned all of the areas that aren’t a part of daily/weekly cleaning. To help you stay on track, this spring cleaning checklist may be helpful. Another option is to hire someone to come in and to the heavy cleaning. Yelp provides some options with their list of Best House Cleaning Services in Cranston, RI. However you get the cleaning accomplished, enjoy relaxing in your apartment home once it’s completed!